Get in shape with Wall Street’s Fittest Man, Craig Capurso, and Fire and Ice Fitness

In 2012, Craig reached a turning point in his career. He had been splitting his time between a demanding finance career on Wall Street and an equally demanding fitness routine at the gym. He realized that he had more passion for training after a year of winning several bodybuilding competitions, and left the finance world for good to start his own bodybuilding and fitness content creation and instruction business, Fire and Ice Fitness.

Fire and Ice Fitness is a lifestyle brand centered around the fitness philosophy of Craig Capurso. In his climb to reach the highest levels of bodybuilding success, he learned that switching between polar opposites is the key to getting the most benefit from your workouts. Fire and Ice teaches you to switch from hot to cold or from reps and volume to power and movement. You won’t skip anything and will constantly challenge yourself.

Craig Capurso has reached the top echelons of the bodybuilding and training fields after just a few years focusing on them full-time. He has solidified his place in the industry with his numerous titles and his reputation of making difficult training concepts simple to execute by following his videos and instructional articles.

Some of Craig’s wins and publications include:

  • 2014- Launched his second Workout Concept Super 60, increasing the momentum from Super 30
  • 2014- Launched Super 30 with over 1.2 Million views in the first week on, to become one of the most popular spokesmodels
  • 2013- released Workout Concept HVT in October with record-breaking sales
  • 2012- Spokes Model Contest -1st place and awarded a Spokesmodel Contract
  • 2011- NPC Team Universe – Men’s Physique: Class A – 1st Place and awarded IFBB Pro Card
  • 2011- NPC Garden States – Men’s Physique: 1 Class – 1st place
  • 2011- NPC Atlantic States – Men’s Physique: 1 Class – 1st place
  • 2010- INBF Natural Mania – Mr. Fitness Contest: Class B – 1st Place and Overall Winner
  • 2009- Fitness Atlantic– Fitness Model -1st Place